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Dr. Marilyn Ronoh

Name: Dr. Marilyn Ronoh
Title/Qualification: PhD
Position: Lecturer
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
School: SPAS 
Area of Specialization:  Applied Mathematics
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Short Biography

Dr. Marilyn C. Ronoh is a Lecturer and Researcher of Applied Mathematics and Infectious Disease Modelling. She is currently teaching at the University of Embu, Kenya on a full-time basis. She has a BSc. degree in Mathematics, MSc. in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Modelling). She is also an alumni of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World  (OWSD)  PhD  Fellowship and  Mawazo  PhD  Scholars programme. She  has supported the implementation of the Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx) programme and the MLEx mentorship programme. Her recent research centered on constructing mathematical models to understand the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS among the adolescents and young people in Kenya. She has authored and co-authored published manuscripts in emerging infectious diseases. Currently, she is involved in multidisciplinary and international collaborations, particularly modelling the effectiveness of COVID-19 containment strategies in Kenya and, modelling the social drivers of HIV/AIDS disease. She is also part of the Mathematics in Southern Africa (MASAMU) Advanced Institute Program whose aim is to promote international research collaboration. Outside
research,  she is a  member of the  Kenya  Women in  Mathematics  Association  (KWIMSA), Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), African Women in Mathematics Association (AWMA) and Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA).  Dr. Ronoh is passionate about quality education and mentoring children, adolescents and young adults and, showing them the positive side of mathematics.

Research Interests

  • Infectious Disease Modelling
  • Computational Modelling
  • Data-Based Modelling

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