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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics organized a career talk seminar on March 1st, 2024, at Auditorium 01, for the fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computing and Bachelor of Science in Statistics students. The primary focus of the seminar was to enhance the students’ marketability and branding for potential job opportunities. The session included mentorship on various aspects such as exploring job areas, effective job applications, workplace etiquette, writing CV’s and cover letters, and interview readiness. In attendance were 10 members of departmental staff, along with 55 BSc. Statistics and 86 BSc. Mathematics with Computing students.

The seminar featured two facilitators, namely Mr. Edwin Sindiga, a Data analyst specializing in profiling at the Intelligence and Strategic Operations Department of the Kenya Revenue Authority, and Dr. Hezron Mogaka, a seasoned lecturer at the University of Embu, with extensive experience in both state and non-state agencies, as well as international organizations.

Mr. Sindiga addressed the students on: Building relationship with lecturers, Pro-activeness and aggressiveness, Job application strategy, developing specialized skills, work-life balance and professionalism, Job opportunities and networking, generosity and social engagement, and Goal Setting and Commitment.



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